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 TOPIC: you are online too much ...

date: 11-27-02
time: 12:11:57
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You know you are online too much when ...

1. You turn off your computer and go watch your Web TV.

2. You see something funny and scream, "LOL, LOL."

3. You meet the mailman at the curb and swear he said YOU'VE GOT MAIL.

4. You sign off and your screen says you were on for 3 days and 45 minutes.

5. You fall asleep, but instead of dreams you get IMs.

6. You buy a laptop and a cell phone so you can have internet in your car.

7. Tech support calls YOU for help.

8. You beg your friends to get an account so you can "hang out."

9. You get a second phone line just to call out for pizza.

10. You purchase a vanity car license plate with your screen name on it.

11. You say "he he he he" or "heh heh heh" instead of laughing.

12. You say "SCROLL UP" when someone asks what it was you said.

13. You sneak away to your computer when everyone goes to sleep.

14. You talk on the phone with the same person you are sending an instant message to.

15. You look at an annoying person off line and wish that you had your ignore button handy.

16. You start to experience "withdrawal" after not being online for awhile.

17. You sit online for 6 hours for that certain special person to sign on.

18. You get up in the morning and go online before getting your coffee.

19.You end your sentences with.....three or more periods.......

20. You've gone to an unstaffed chatroom to give tech support.

21. You think faster than the computer.

22. You enter a room and get greeted by 25 people with {{{hugs}}} and **kisses**.

23. Being called a newbie is a major insult to you.

24. You're on the phone and say BRB.

25. Your teacher or boss recommends a drug test for the blood shot eyes.

26. You refer to your teacher as your search engine

27. You tell your girlfriend she had a Hotbot, she Excites you, and when you make love,you scream "YAHOO!".

28. Your parrot says, Polly wants a Hacker!

29. You call your beeper a Hyperlink.

30. Instead of foreplay, you ask your spouse if she/he wants to skip the small talk and cyber.

31. Whenever you are asked your address, you give them your URL.

32. Instead of sitting on a chair while on your computer, you sit on a potty.

33. If your love life is ruined by net splits.

34. If you have mastered the fine art of reading fluent typo and consider it your second language.

35. The only Family you send Christmas and Birthday Cards to are the ones who have an email address.

36. Your excuse to your boss for being so lazy... I'm sorry I'm lagging.

37. When you decline a real date with a live person cause your cyber boyfriend (whom you've never met) is waiting online for you.

38. When your acrylic nails are shorter then when you had them put on two weeks ago.
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