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 TOPIC: vm is back[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 05-05-05
time: 11:12:59
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Hello vm members,

Over a week ago our hosting server suddenly crashed. Despite numerous attemps to contact them, they seemed to have problems resolving the issue. Tired of waiting, we decided to find another server for our web site. And here we are on the new server.

Luckily we suffered no lost of data, so everything is back to normal. Well, almost. We are still uploading files in the Literature and Comics folders. This should be done by the weekend.

Welcome back everyone!. We apologize if this caused anyone emotional distress .

vm staff
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date: 05-09-06
time: 09:26:37
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Thank you VM Staffs
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date: 12-01-09
time: 17:41:55
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Good job vm team

I was trying to change my profile picture but not able to. I think the current file type is too restricted that "JPEG Image" or "GIF Image" types were not accepted for some reason.
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date: 12-01-09
time: 18:25:04
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Hello HyVong,

It accepts .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png

What image type did you try to upload ?

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date: 12-03-10
time: 14:32:40
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Dear Admin!
I could not print Ebook(all chapres) as before. Please help,
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date: 12-03-10
time: 15:46:04
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Hello slcindy,

Yesterday, our web development team added a "view comments" button which messed up the print button a little. This has been fixed. Thank you for the bug report.

Enjoy !
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date: 03-04-11
time: 09:55:21
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I would like to have the Ebooks from the authors who went to the concentration camp in VN. What incentive will make that happen?
Happy reading
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date: 03-04-11
time: 15:04:16
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Well, first you need to make known the titles and the authors of the books you are looking for. Some vm members may have these books and may volunteer their time to scan and type them. That's how it happens
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date: 03-06-11
time: 18:56:25
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I will donate the money to get it donẹ
Here are the list of the books
Qu^e nha : b^on muoi nam tr?o lai : but ky
Phan, Lac Ti^ep.

^Ong H.O. : tuy?^en t^ap truy^en ngan
Ha, Thuc Sinh.

C?ua dia nguc
Tr^an, Long H^o.

Thien dang treo dut day : tap truyen ngan
Xu^an V~u.

Mat th^at : h^oi ky chinh tri c?ua Bui Tin
Bui, Tin, 1928-

Ha-N^oi bao d^ong d?o : (nh~ung t?u tu tr?o v^e tu C?^ong Troi)
Duong, Van Loi.

Pulau Bidong, mi^en d^at la
V~o, Ky Di^en, 1941-

Trai ki^en giam
Nguy~^en, Chi Thi^ep.

Tuyen tap tho van H.O. : Viet tu mien dat hoi sinh In l^an thu nh^at.
Nguy^en Sa.

Qua con bao du : hoi ky vuot bien bang duong bo
Kim Ha, 1950-

Nh*ung ngày mu*ôn quên : 1975-1983
Ðoàn, Thêm, 1915-

Thuyen nhan va bao luc
Nguyen, Van Canh, 1936-

Van hoc Vi^et Nam duoi ch^e d^o c^ong s?an : 1945-1990 / Nguy~^en Hung Qu^oc
Nguy~^en, Hung Qu^oc.

Thiên duòng không có hai noi : tap truyen
D·ang, Thiên Son.

Con h^ong th?uy bi?^en D^ong = Exodus Vietnam : ba ngan tri^eu m~y kim voi h~am hi^ep, vang va mau
Cao, Th^e Dung.

S^ong C^on mua l~u : truong thi^en ti?^eu thuy^et
Nguy~^en, M^ong Giac.

Sau cuoc chien : truy^en dai
Di^ep, M~y Linh.

Cai tu Vi^et c^ong : t^ap truy^en 1st ed.
Pham, Kim Kh^oi.

Tôi b?o Ð?ang
Hoàng, Huu Quýnh, 1942-

Saigon, ngay dai nh^at
Duy^en Anh, 1935-

Vung th^at nguc tu : h^oi ky tu c?ai tao
Nguy~^en, Van Hung, 1939-

365.45 DUYEN ANH 1988
Trai t^ap trung : h^oi ky
Duy^en Anh, 1935-

Mua bien dong : truong thien tieu thuyet
Nguy~^en, M^ong Giac.

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date: 03-06-11
time: 21:07:06
total posts: 49

Duyên Anh - Sàigòn Ngày Dài Nhất and Xuân Vũ - Thiên Đàng Treo Đứt Dây have been in vm's library for quite a while now



the 3 books below will be posted within a week

Nguyễn Mộng Giác - Sông Côn Mùa Lũ
Nguyễn Mộng Giác - Mùa Biển Động
Bùi Tín - Mặt Thật
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date: 04-26-12
time: 10:15:39
total posts: 3

Hi messenger.com!

I have $50.00 canada to suport Messenger.com but I will send to you by personal cheque . Tell me with ad. can I sendout ?

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