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date: 05-20-04
time: 04:17:14
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Hello vm members,

In the next week vm will be migrating to a new server. During this time we may experience some down time and certain pages may not display correctly. We will try to make the transition as smooth as possible to not disrupt your surfing pleasure. Some programs will have to be rewritten to adapt to the new enviroment. Please bare with us through this process. Thank you

vm staff
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date: 05-31-04
time: 16:34:09
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Pheeww! Site migration is finally done. Actually it was done last Wednesday but the original server where we moved to proved to be "questionable". So we quickly picked up camp and moved again. Hopefully this will be it for a while.

Anyone who uploaded pictures or posted messages in the last week please post again. Thank you .

vm staff
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date: 06-20-04
time: 19:22:14
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Site bi gì vậy á ....sao lúc On lúc Off vay Ser ?
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date: 06-21-04
time: 02:01:49
total posts: 71

Đúng rồi HL, nhiều lúc NN vào mà cũng không được nửa ... không biết site bị gì ạ
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date: 06-21-04
time: 04:12:37
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Server mới hay bị trục trặc lúc on lúc off, nếu sảy ra hoài chắc vm phải cuốn gói đi tìm server khác . Mỗi lần đổi server phải upload 3-4 ngày mới xong, chán thiệt
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date: 07-14-04
time: 15:06:25
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hi all
i am home, anybody home? I home so much
have a great summer

to all babís friends
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