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 TOPIC: Good News and Bad News

date: 12-28-03
time: 05:54:12
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Hello Members,

The good news first, the art gallery is fixed. It should load fairly fast now. Thank you bolsaguy for reporting the bug.

Now the bad news, very very bad news . We have deleted the literature database by mistake. Yeah... we did. Over the weekend we tried to meet our goal by having 1000 books posted before the year is over. But we got a little too zealous and ... emptied the darn book database. Let's hope that the server did backup because our lazy butts haven't done so since ... June . If not then we'll have to rebuilt it. In any case, it should be up and running again within a week.

Happy New Year everyone. Drink up! Get blasted and call a cab

the vm team
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date: 12-31-03
time: 04:06:38
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Lady Luck is with us . We were able to recover the books database from the server's backup and now the Literature page is back in service. We have also met our goal of having 1000 books (7229 pages) posted by the end of 2003.

Một số ít sách này do bọn vm và nhiều thành viên đánh máy gởi lên để phục vụ các bạn yêu sách kháp nơi và đóng góp cho kho tàng văn chương Việt Nam trên net.

The year ends well .


the vm team
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