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 TOPIC: VM on Steroids[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 04-19-03
time: 15:20:57
total posts: 84

Hello Members,

There have been a few complaints about vm's frontpage loading too slow. So we rewrote the script and gave it turbo charge. It loads super fast now, 5 seconds or less. No more annoying "Loading Please Wait ..." message . You may also notice the improvement on BOARDS' Recent Posts page.

What's next on the agenda ? we don't know ... sleep maybe .


VM Tech Team and Staff
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date: 04-19-03
time: 15:43:15
total posts: 1886

hihihi Nhanh thiệt rùi
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date: 05-12-03
time: 13:18:28
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Thường Sơn mới post vô topic " Ngôn ngử tình yêu" bị nhảy lộn xộn rồi, Admin vui long sửa chữa lại nhe .
Cám ơn
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