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 TOPIC: Letter of appreciation

date: 03-26-03
time: 07:54:00
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Below is an excerpt from an email sent to vm from the admin of dactrung.com :

........thành thật cám ơn các bạn ở vietmessenger.com đã bỏ công đánh máy các truyện có giá trị cho mọi người thưởng thức.

Thân mến,
Cả Ngố

vm admin and staff would like to pass this note of appreciation onto members who have been generous with their time to type books for vm.

After 1975, many works of literature by south Vietnamese authors were confiscated and destroyed by the communist government. Some of these works are lost forever. Some were saved and taken outside of the country. We are making a joint effort with other Viet web sites to make these great works of Vietnamese literature available again to the public via the internet. After all, literature is food for the mind .

If your have any of these pre-1975 books and would like to contribute to the effort to conserve Vietnamese literature, please email us at admin@vietmessenger.com or post a reply here.

Thank you much,

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