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 TOPIC: Unicode Problem

date: 12-12-02
time: 10:09:35
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Hello members,

Yesterday unicode ceased to work on many of our pages, which made Vietnamese unreadable. It seems that our host has decided to change the way unicode is parsed on the server. We have contacted them but it appears that they don't know what the heck is going on. Rather than showing them what went wrong and wait for them to fix the problem on the server, we have figured out a way to correct it on client side. But this requires re-writing some of our programs. This will take about 2 days. We appreciate your patience.

vm admin
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date: 12-13-02
time: 12:36:07
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UPDATE: Unicode is mostly restored on the site. Vietnamese is now readable again. We are still doing rigorous tests. If anyone finds bugs anywhere please report them in the feedback forum. Enjoy

vm admin
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