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 TOPIC: New Chat Features[TO BOTTOM] 

date: 10-14-02
time: 05:58:08
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Hello Members,

Did someone ask for more icons in chat ? Well they are here, fresh from our drawing board: durian fruit, heineiken, milk bottle, ice cream ... Come by and check them out .

By requests we have also added VNI to chat for those hardline VNI users. Plus, messages are now automatically converted in the text field as you type them. If you find bugs in these new chat features please post them in the feedback forum.

Many of you have emailed us and asked why vm doesn't have a music section. Well, we do have plans to add an mp3 music database to the site, but we just haven't got to it. It's a little down our "to do" list. Why is it down the list ? Because it is an enormous task and being lazy as we are we just don't want to deal with it just yet .

As for now we are looking for a java server to move our chat to, which will speed it up a great deal, plus we will be able to write instant messenger and multi-players java games.

Thank you for being patient.

vm admin
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date: 10-14-02
time: 07:05:54
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so sound gooooood .... heheh
something in our road
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date: 10-15-02
time: 09:04:40
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Hello VM admin,

Thanks for all the great works. I really love this webiste, and I hope that all members in this website will one day have a celebration for all the great works you have done . I mean a party, a get together

Keep it up

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